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EAW MX250 Subwoofer Processor

This top-quality bass-reflex subwoofer processor is made for EAW by Ashly, right here in the US. The MX250 is a stereo two-way processor that's optimized for EAW bass-reflex subwoofer designs.

The 2-in, 6-out MX250 provides crossover, equalization, and phase compensation functions. In addition to traditional left and right outputs, a set of "mono-summed" low and high outputs are also available.

Many cheap speaker processors available today simply sound BAD, often due to cost-cutting measures in the converters and filters. These Ashly-built processors use top-quality converters and filters for pristine, accurate sound. You will be hard-pressed to find a better sounding subwoofer processor than the MX250.

These are B-stock units straight from EAW, and have a 1-year factory warranty. Condition: 100% functional, very good cosmetic. Configuration code: 998689.

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Product Details
Configuration2 x 6
ProcessingCrossover, equalization, phase compensation
Inputs3-pin female XLR (active balanced)
Outputs3-pin male XLR (active balanced)
Dynamic Range/THD110 dB/<.003% at 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0 dBu
Front PanelLow, mid, and high output gain controls, power on/off
Filters4th-order Linkwitz-Riley, asymetrical
Product DocsMX250.pdf
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The MX250's simple front panel hides some serious processing power.

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Outputs include stereo high and low, plus mono summed high and low.

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