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Crest Audio HD9 (CA9) Power Amplifier

These legacy amps (built in Paramus NJ) are legendary tour-grade amplifiers. The HD9/CA9 delivers 2,000 watts of power (4 ohms bridged) with all the quality we've come to expect from Crest Audio.

The HD9/CA9 is a "meat and potatoes" bass amp that shines at reproducing low frequencies. With a damping factor of 700:1, this amp offers triple the damping performance of most lightweight switching amplifiers. Extreme current and voltage are what it takes to reproduce deep, chest-thumping bass, and this amp has it!

Many leading bass guitar preamp manufacturers recommend the HD9 (CA9) for a reason. It's an incredible amp for bass rigs. If you're a bass player, this amp could help you find that elusive deep, punchy sound you're looking for.

A 20-pound toroidal transformer is combined with eight large power supply caps for a total of 80,000 microfarads of capacitance. That's engineer-speak for obscene amounts of reserve power. The huge power supply stores current from the AC mains, and then releases it to reproduce power-hungry bass frequencies with an effortless, punchy response. Generous headroom, gobs of low bass, authoritative control over your subs--it's all right here.

They simply don't make amps like this any more. If you're NOT thrilled with the bass response of your sound system, it might be that you've got lightweight bass amps that aren't delivering the goods. The HD9/CA9 is heavy for a reason. Try one of these beasts (or a rack-full) in your system, and you'll never go back.

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This amp is an HD9 in cosmetics, but it's a CA9 under the hood. See the side-by-side comparison photo for details.

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Product Details
Power Output2,000 watts (4 ohms bridged, 1kHz)
1,800 watts (4 ohms bridge, 20-20kHz)
Damping Factor700:1
Other SpecsSee spec sheet or manual
Product DocsCFA-CA9-AB_7719.pdf
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The HA9/CA9 is the kind of amp you can build a world-class sound system upon.

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The HD9 and CA9, opened up for inspection. Functionally identical.

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Back panel close-up.

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Back panel close-up.

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